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We are delighted that Pippin was successfully rehomed to a local family in Galway. Pippin regularly visits EGAR with her new family and he has settled in wonderfully with them. Pippin now enjoys hogging the couch and going on long walks.


Gimli was rehomed in May 2005 in Ireland and has settled in with his new family and is enjoying lots of cuddles and long walks


Harriett went to her new home in June 2005 and is now enjoying the best of everything and sharing life with several other gorgeous dogs.


Hannah (sister to Harriett and Hetty) was rehomed a few months ago and as you can see she is a happy and contented young lady.


Molly was an abandoned greyhound who is now living happily in Galway. Molly was found in an emaciated state on the side of the road lnear to EGAR Christmas 2004 and was successfully adopted by friends of EGAR. She now lives with Tara a border collie, Rua a collie dog and three cats. Molly suffers from arthritis and will be on medication for the rest of her life. She is a gentle dog, who enjoys long walks and the odd burst of running.


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