Our dogs will stay here until they are homed or die of a natural death. The only exception of course is terminal illness. At present we have got a few dogs whose chances of homing are very slim.
Any support is greatly appreciated and if you can’t keep a dog yourself why not sponsor one? It doesn’t take much a week and yet it makes a huge difference.
You would receive a sponsorship certificate with a picture of the dog and we will keep you posted on any new development in the dogs life.

You are cordially invited to come and meet the dog, maybe take it for a walk.If you are not in a position to sponsor a dog financially you can still help in many ways. As a volunteer for example. Or with donations of blankets, towels and doggy things (collars, leashes, bowls etc). Also, we always need people to raise funds. All donations go straight to our dogs, none of it is spend on administration or non dog related items. We are also desparate for fosterers, especially for non-bull breeds and puppies.If you can help in any way, please contact us.



Chief is a Timberwolf x Canadian Shepherd. Some sick individual thought he could make money by crossing these two. But if you cross a wolf with a dog, you don’t get a better dog; you get a creature that doesn’t know where it belongs… When Chief arrived here he was only a pup. He was full of worms and screamed when he saw a human or another dog.


                                                             Chief on the day he arrived                                                     Chief with Nadine, a volunteer      

It took us ages to gain his trust and stop him from biting out of fear. He would hide in the furthest corner and lash out. But after a few days he came out of his shell a bit and with the help of Tara, the Border Collie, he started to play and become more self-assured. He is now fully grown and is an awesome sight. He is gentle with most humans and loves to go for walks. However, he has a strong hunting instinct, which includes most livestock. He is also food aggressive towards humans. For those reasons we decided it was best not to put him up for re-homing. He is not like a dog; he hates close spaces and does not like a roof above him. So he now occupies a run all by himself and a big hut for sleeping, which he rarely uses. Instead, he rolls up in a ball and sleeps in the middle of the enclosure. He will not come into the house and grooming him in spring is a nightmare. All birds in a radius of 5 miles have their nests upholstered with his hair!        



Grace came to EGAR about 6 years ago from Saggart Pound in Dublin (now closed). She has had severe behaviour issues such as endless spinning and fear aggression towards men. Both has been brought under control with alot of training and time spent. However, despite this she didn't have a single re-homing query in all this time so that we decided to take her off the rehoming list and keep her here. She is an older lady now and is very much happy here. She loves her routine and we feel she is better off living out her life at EGAR. Grace is looking for a sponsor as well.



Charlie is a French Bulldog and although he is still young he has a big problem: he bites. As he is a relatively small dog this might not seem a big problem to bring under control but he attacks seemingly without reason. Charlie is very dominant and was probably spoilt rotten at some point in his short life. EGAR is the fifth place for him in 13 months and he is going to stay here, as we cannot re-home a biting dog. We are presently re-conditioning him (he has not bitten us but did try to attack us twice). This will take a long time as he had a few “successful” attempts at world domination at his previous families. Organic reasons for his odd behaviour are now excluded. He might be re-homeable in the future but for the present we are looking for a sponsor for this endearing little devil. 

These are dogs, which cannot be re-homed for one reason or another. They will stay with us until the day they die. We are looking for sponsors for these dogs. Please note that these are not out private pets but rescues that are unhomeable. If you can sponsor a dog please contact us: webmaster@egar.org or phone 086-1545454. Any amount is a help! You can also sponsor by providing food and/or bedding for the dog you have picked. You will receive a sponsorship certificate and will be updated regularly. Also, you are more than welcome to visit your dog here at EGAR. Please help us to help them!                                                                                     

Our Sponsors

We want to thank the following people for donations to and help with our dogs:

EGAR applied last year for the first time for an ex-gratia grant from the Department of Agriculture for the year 2006. We received a visit from the Galway District Veterinary Office during which our premises were vetted. We passed with flying colours and were told that we would be highly recommended for such a grant by the DVO. In January of this year we received the grant of 1000 Euro.This grant is paid yearly (pending available monies) and will increase in amount with each year as the newcomers receive the least amount of money. We are delighted with it and want to say a big thank you to the Department people!

Carol Fox for her continued support financially and with the website/discussion board. She has been an inspiration when times were hard. We would be lost without her!

Caroline, Barb and Jen for their help on the internet and phone queries!

Nadine and Verena, our loyal volunteers who sacrifice their weekends to walk the dogs and help with the training and socialisation of those dogs who need it.

Your support is a great help towards our goal; to end the suffering and pain of so many unwanted creatures. As long as there are people like you, we wont give up hope for a better world in which Man is a dogs best friend.

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