Last year,  38.000 dogs were destroyed in Irish dog pounds!
     We can’t help them all but for some we are able to make a difference.
      Every single dog here is one of the starfish and we help them to swim again.
We have not limited ourselves to bull breeds even though they are our primary concern. We also take in stray dogs and other animals if they are in danger or ill.
   We  hope   that   you enjoy your visit to our website and maybe you will find a friend for life in one of our dogs. They are certainly worth it.


An  old man  was walking along the
beach.   Every   now    and  then  he
bent   down   to pick up  a stranded
starfish and  drew it  back  into the
Another man watched him amazed
and finally approached him: “What
are you doing? It doesn’t make a difference!”
The old man looked at a starfish he had just picked up and answered: “For this one – it does!”. 
This is our philosophy here at East Galway Animal Rescue.

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elcome to East Galway Animal Rescue
the Sanctuary for bull breeds in Ireland