Ireland has called for the mandatory banning of all dangerous dogs listed on the restricted breed list outlined below. 2007 is a general election year in Ireland and Joe Costello-the labour MP who made the statement-is rising to the hysteria resulting from the tragic killing of Ellie Lawrenson in Liverpool with this cheap shot to increase votes.

The current list:
Control of Dogs Regulations 1998
Section 5:
This article shall apply to every:
American Pit Bull Terrier
Bull Mastiff
Doberman pinscher
English Bull Terrier
German Shepard (Alsation)
Japanese Akita
Japanese Tosa
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and
to every dog of the type commonly known as the Ban Dog (or Bandog) and to every other strain or cross of every breed or type of dog described in this article

Basicall these dogs can't be in a public place unless securely muzzled and led by a strong chain or leash not exceeding 2 metres and by a person over 16 who is capable of controlling the said dog.

As usual and I'm sure you are all aware of the draconian attitude to dogs in Ireland, we are years behind our neighbours across the water and Mr. Costello is now trying to inpliment a law which clearly has not worked elsewhere. Not only this, as you can see the list above is more extensive than the list in the UK and contains breeds which I'm sure most of us would agree make wonderful family pets, therapy dogs and constant companions to many and frankly should not be there. Again, only serving to prove how outdate Ireland's attitude towards dogs are.

Please email Mr. Costello on and express your disappointment at his mis-guided and ill-informed statements. Please also email Mary Upton ( who made the following press release on Tuesday Jan 2nd.

>> Press Release from:

Insufficient regulation and poorly-resourced enforcement of dog laws mean that a tragedy like the death of little Ellie Lawrenson in England could all too asily happen here, Labour's Mary Upton has said.

"That poor little girl was killed by a pit-bull terrier, and despite the known dangers associated with certain breeds of dog, there is no restriction on owning or breeding such animals here."We do have laws which require all dogs to be licensed and for particular breeds to be muzzled, but the enforcement of these laws leaves a lot to be desired. Most counties have only one dog warden who is responsible for enforcing these laws. It's completely unrealistic for anybody to expect these officers to be able to deal with all of these rules ad regulations with such a paltry level of support. If we believe that dog control is an important issue, then dog warden services must be resourced properly.

"Our dog laws need to be tightened up. In particular we should be looking to impose an outright ban on certain breeds.

"We have all seen instances where these dogs are allowed roam our streets without a lead, never mind a muzzle. Many are bred to as guard dogs or as fighting dogs, and by their very nature have an aggressive predisposition. There is a case to be made for setting up a national inspectorate to deal specifically with the most aggressive breeds.

"It's only a matter of time before tragedy strikes unless action is taken. <<

Our Answer to The Call for Dog Holocaust by Labour ! speaks to Sara Gunther of East Galway
Animal Rescue ( ) about the issues and
more considered ways to safeguard children while ensuring
at the same time that dogs do not bear the brunt of our
broken animal welfare system.

LISTEN (mp3) :


I'm sorry you are frightened of my dogs and are trying to have them killed
because they are pit bulls.

I'm sorry you lack the understanding of this breed's true history,
gentleness with people, wonderful temperament, intelligence and behavioral
conformation. I'm sorry you won't read the ATTS stats regarding our breed's
true temperament, putting it in the top four for temperament, scoring better
than breeds like Golden Retrievers, and cocker spaniels.

I'm sorry that you side with and protect animal abusers by marking the breed
of dog, and not the irresponsibility of the owner. I'm sorry that by your
logic I could steal a car, run some people over with it and then you can
blame the make of car for the accident, as I walk free.

I'm sorry you generalize one breed of dog with one group of people. I'm
sorry you can't see the love and determination that many often highly
educated, non-criminal and "normal" types of people show towards this breed
and the great personal sacrifices that they make to take care of their dog

I'm sorry you cannot go into the shelters and see the hundreds of abandoned
and abused pit bulls, dying only for the insane "crime" of being born the
breed they are. I'm sorry you cannot see the look of disappointment in their
eyes as someone walks by their kennel, and refuses to consider adopting them
based on an ill educated fear mongering reporter. I'm sorry that you cannot
be there when the animal looks at a human for the last time, and in spite of
betrayed by all humans they have met, their tail still wags as someone
approaches with the syringe of Euthinol.

I'm sorry you cannot be there when law enforcement shoots one of your dogs dead
inside it's own home in front of the children it mutually loves for simply
getting off the dog bed and walking over to say hello with it's tail
wagging. I'm sorry you cannot be there to rescue pit bull puppies from a
plastic bag in a dumpster, dumped there by someone switching their illegal,
and inhumane activities to another, more lucrative breed.

I'm sorry you cannot understand the difference between canine and human
aggression, in the way that this breed can. Yes, I'm saying my pit bull is
smarter then you.

I'm sorry that the medieval witch-hunting genetics of intolerance,
generalization, and racism make you feel the need to vilify a breed of dog.
I'm sorry that justice, equality, tolerance, common sense are all things you
hold dear as a fellow Canadian, and expect from others, but do not yourself
offer them towards a pit bull or its caregiver. I'm sorry that you don't take
the constructive time to petition changes in the Canadian animal cruelty
act, and in the criminal code that would deal out serious punishment to the
real animal abusers.

I'm sorry you cannot see the disappointed look on a puppy's face when the
people petting it quickly frown, and walk away when you tell them it is a
pit bull. I'm sorry you feel the need to terrorize my family and my dogs for
crimes we never have and never will commit. I'm sorry you don't have to live
in fear of your dog's safety from hysterical, and mentally unstable people
trying to inflict all manner of evil upon your dogs.

I'm sorry that you cannot see my breed working in some of the best Search
and Rescue groups in the world, saving countless lives each year. I'm sorry
our media censors and refuses to print the breed name "pit bull' when in
connection with a positive act such as saving a person or child from a
burning house, drowning, wild attacking animals, etc. I'm sorry you cannot
see the many pit bulls registered as therapy dogs and bringing so much joy to
another misunderstood, neglected demographic in our society, the senior

I am sorry you can't see a pit bull kiss a child, step carefully over a
kitten, or play in a sunbeam. I'm sorry you cannot wake in the morning to
feel a warm pit bull cuddled next to you in bed, and know that you are their
total world, and even if the house caught fire and trapped you, they would
stay with you to the end.
But, now that I really think about it, I'm not at all sorry you don't own a
pit bull--you do not deserve one.

EGAR, January 2007

   to be continued ...