conditions of adoption

  1. To provide warm, dry, draught-free, clean, spacious sleeping quarters indoors.
  2. To provide good and sufficient exercise at least twice a day.
  3. To provide sufficient good quality food at regular intervals appropriate to the dog’s age, size, state of health etc., and constant access to fresh drinking water.
  4. To provide qualified veterinary treatment in case of illness or injury, and to pay for all bills ensuing. Relevant insurance is highly recommended.
  5. To worm the dog under veterinary advice (at least every four months)
  6. To fit a collar with name, address and telephone number (where possible) inscribed on it to be worn at all times. If possible, microchip.
  7. Not to let the dog roam unsupervised.
  8. Not to keep the dog chained up, confined or left alone for long periods (guidelines: 2 hours – puppy, 4 hours – adult dog)
  9. To obtain professional advice to do with the care and training of the dog.
  10. To have the dog neutered unless my veterinary surgeon recommends not to for medical reasons only, in which case I will provide a veterinary certificate and take all possible precautions to prevent the dog from mating.
  11. To have the dog inoculated against parvo-virus, distemper (hard-pad), hepatitis and leptospirosis etc. plus any other recommended vaccinations e.g. kennel cough, and to have the annual boosters done for the rest of the dog’s life.
  12. To provide proper care in the event of absence (e.g. holidays, sickness etc.)

    I promise also to agree to the following rules:

  • To inform East Galway Animal rescue (hereinafter referred to as EGAR) of my or the dog’s whereabouts should it ever change from the above address.
  • To allow an EGAR representative to visit from time to time without prior notice.
  • To do my utmost to keep the dog for as long as is practically possible and, in the event of being forced to give up the dog, hand it back to EGAR at a pre-arranged date with up-to-date inoculation card and to provide my own transport. Not to give, sell or lend the dog to anyone else without Dr Gunther’s permission in writing.
  • To obtain written permission from EGAR before having the dog destroyed, or in the event of an emergency, where it is in the dog’s interest to be put down, to provide a qualified veterinary surgeon’s certificate showing good reason for this decision; also, to provide a veterinary death certificate when the dog dies for any reason, if asked to do so.
  • To inform EGAR immediately if the dog should become lost or missing and also if/when it is later found. To take every possible step to find the dog (e.g. inform the police and ISPCA, dogwardens, posters, newspaper advertising, offering a reward for the dog’s recovery).
  • To accept all liability, expenses and loss in the event of Third Party or other claims arising from accident or injury caused by the dog whilst in my possession under this contract.
  • Not to use the dog for hunting, rabbitting or any blood sport or for any activity likely to cause harm to or kill the dog or any other living creature.
  • To allow EGAR immediate re-possession of the dog if a representative of theirs should have any reason to believe that this contract is being broken in any way.
  • The dog remains the property of EGAR at all times.

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